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Andy Perkins - CEO and Co-founder    

Enthusiasm in abundance with sporting and charitable endeavours.  Andy has a unique ability to make things happen, using his talent and network to develop individuals. 20 years of professional flying with recruitment, CSR and training experience across many aviation disciplines.

Tiina Conacher - Director     

Tiina is a highly experienced Psychologist with many years experience working within the aviation industry.  Her energy and unflappable nature make her one of the leading recruitment and assessment professionals currently working in the aviation space today.

Richard Garner
Richard Garner - COO and Co-founder    

Richard has a passionate approach, ensuring he delivers the very best in his work in the aviation sector. A Training Captain with over 20 years experience in training, human factors and recruitment, his vast knowledge, attitude and attention to detail are an exceptional combination.

flight pad simulator
The Flight Pad Crew    

Our crew is made up of highly skilled pilots who are able to support you in whatever your aspiration is in the simulator. 

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