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Professional Pilot Services

Calling all Professional Pilots! This is a great way to refresh your skills, practice for LPC/OPC, practicing for MCC or command upgrade. If you are CPL, ME/IR rated pilot, irrespective of currency, type rating or medical situation, we are happy to assist you.

Maybe you have an interview coming up? This is the perfect opportunity to practice either with us or with another suitably trained pilot.

Train with a friend who is similarly qualified. 2 pilot minimum.
The session will be supervised by a Flightpad team member.

60 Mins
90 Mins
120 Mins
240 Mins

Session with monitoring pilot (co-pilot) for individual training requirements.

No training provided but you will have an expert sim operator to assist your practice.

60 Mins
90 Mins
120 Mins
120 Mins

Session with qualified commercial pilot (for procedural training).

60 Mins
120 Mins

Briefing rooms are made available 20 minutes before your block time should they be required.
No plates/ plans will be supplied so you will need to bring your own.

Once you have paid for your session, please contact us for availability. Sessions are available throughout the day at our prime location in Ealing. We also offer you opportunities to train during the day for this price – we don’t restrict these slots to late nights!

Please note, the facility closes at 9 pm weekdays and at 5 pm at weekends. The Flight Pad may be closed during some bank holidays/ national holiday dates.

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